Halloween Haunted House at the Historic Salem, NY Courthouse and Jail











FEAR THIS  productions brings terror into your everyday  life.  

We are now located at the  SALEM COMMUNITY COURTHOUSE AND JAIL in Salem, N.Y. for the up coming Halloween season.  Visit the “where are we” page to get directions.

This is an indoor event, rain is not a problem. Handicap accessible. Refreshments and snacks available.


To benefit the non-profit Salem Community Courthouse. $10 for Adults, $5 for childern 13 and under, $5 for Volunteer fire or rescue personnel w/ID, $25 family rate (up to 5 members)



Friday 10, Saturday 11

Friday 17, Saturday 18

Friday 24, Saturday 25


Tours run between 7 pm and 9:30 pm (lasting 20 to 30 minutes)

Visit the “2011’s attraction (and past attractions)” page, to see short film clips from past haunts, and hear what is in store for you this year.

Our attraction is different each year.  We try and keep it fresh and exciting and of course, TERRIFYING.  We do not recommend the show for very young children, but leave it to the parent’s discretion.  Our production can scare the life into you as well as the life out of you.

Getting scared is great, but it is also fun to do some of the scaring.  If you would like to volunteer email me with a phone number at  riksassa@yahoo.com

3 Responses to “HOME”

  1. equis waite Says:

    Can not wait till next year. It was a great fright! Thanks to everyone who provided the fun filled time.

  2. crazyhorse Says:

    Very, Very cool attraction. Had all the things I look for: creative, great space, and authenticity with lots of scare! I’ll be back next year.

  3. Omg…this was super scary but an awesome time….even though for some reason they all seemed to choose us girls to be the ones they creeped up on…i literally have no voice left after going lastnight…LOL..i told them i would probably not be back next year when they asked us on our way out but that was my nerves talking…will definately be going again!!! Great job!!!

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